Dinwiddie Airport and Industrial Authority
Dinwiddie Airport and Industrial Authority
  • Dinwiddie Airport & Industrial Authority

    Fuel Prices, Hanger Rates & other Information

    Fuel Prices
    Check http://airnav.com/airport/KPTB for currently posted fuel prices.

    Tax Rate
    Unit Levy- Per $100.00 Assessed Valuations Aircraft $0.50

    Hangar Rental Rates

    Hangars # 1-22 are $160.00 per month and have sliding doors and an asphalt pad inside surrounded by gravel and dirt.

    Hangars # 23-42 are $215.00 per month and have sliding doors and concrete floors.
    Hangars # 43-52 are $250.00 per month and have electric bi-fold doors and concrete floors. These hangars were constructed in 2007.

    Corporate Hangar Rates

    Jets $400.00 month or $40.00 a night.

    Twins $350.00 month or $40.00  night.

    S.E. Large $350.00 month or $40.00 a night.

    S.E. Small $200.00 month or $25.00 a night.

    Airport Information

    Runway 5-23 was rehabilitated in 2002 and is served by a medium intensity edge lighting system and an ODALS approach lighting system.

    The airport has four published instrument approach procedures, including RNAV (GPS) Runway 5, RNAV (GPS) Runway 23, Localizer Runway 5, and VOR Runway 23. The airport can be accessed during adverse weather with ceilings as low as 400 feet and visibilities as low as ¾ statute miles. An AWOS-III is located on the field for weather reporting.

    Fueling operations are managed by the Authority and both Jet A and 100LL are available via tender. The tenders include a 1,500-gallon 100LL truck and a 2,200 gallon Jet A truck. The Airport is an authorized Phillips 66 dealer and sells Phillips 66 fuel products.

    Self Serve 100LL is available from our newly upgraded M3000 self-serve pump 24 hours a day.  The system may print out safety instructions.  Please read and understand instructions and use the code at the bottom of instructions.

    The Airport also carries 100W, 80W and 15W50 aircraft oil.

    Rules, Regulations and Minimum Standards

    Airport Rules and Regulations (pdf)


    Airport Minimum Standards (pdf)